Encourage: Yoga

Whether coupled or single, pregnancy & birth is a beautiful endeavor. I offer assistance with safe prenatal yoga positions, breathing techniques, laboring positions, and evidence based education throughout your trimesters.

    • Early pregnacy

      1-16 weeks

      • -time to make space for new life and set a great foundation. Slow down and grow your awareness of your embryo by breathing deep & exploring micro-movements. prepare your mind, body and spirit for the fruitful journey ahead.
    • Mid- Pregnancy

      • start to engage in more energizing yoga flows to prepare your body for the last leg of pregnancy.
    • Late Pregnancy

      34-40 weeks

      • - Baby is an active participant in birth and by now, they're letting you know that. Keep yourself fit, comfortable and strong to prepare for labor. Yoga can help center you no matter how birth may unfold!