Meet Azalea 🌸

it’s soul nice to meet you! My names Azalea , you could call me Doula Zay or just by my name! I am very passionate about bettering the birthing outcomes for everyone! Rooted in traditional birth work, Empowering & Reminding women of their Birth Rites to Peace , Luxury, & Power is what fills me up! I have taken my time and gladly pour my heart into this calling!to be able to assist you & your family would be my privilege 🩷 please, click on my individual offerings to read them in detail.
once you checkout you will be prompted to make an appointment with me :) through Appointio and I will be contacting you (through my business email) to start the process!

If you are a MediCal patient, Hi friend! Please set up a free (15min) consultation with me below!
blessings & good health, Azalea